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HapiDrum Allan Poteon

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Who is Allan?

Allan Poteon, born 1956, is a professional musician and steel drum builder from Trinidad. From childhood on he learned and played in a variety of Caribbean Bands. Living in Germany since 1996 he teaches at schools and other institutes for music education in Germany and the United Arab Emirates. He composes and interprets songs for bands (eg. Panello) or teaches workshops (eg. Sommermusikfest). He founded Bands like the children’s steel band Styl les Sticks, the Nu Tones Steelband, the Tin Pan Alley Steelband and gets booked as a solo musician by orchestras. 

When it comes to building steel drums Allan is a master of his trade. Even the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra is one of his clients. 

What is the HAPI Drum?

The HAPI Drum is manufactured from steel with differently sized tonguelike sound pads carved into it. It is a steel tongue drum which can be played with your fingers or with special mallets with a softer than normal tip. 

With a little practice soft, bell-like and meditative sounds can be produced with this instrument. It is patented and developed in the US and produced in India. It has eight tones and comes with a pair of silicon mallets and is available in different sizes and tunings.

Video Course

The complete course from the basics to special attack techniques. Watch all videos online with any device as often as you want.

180 minutes
18 videos
PDF accompanying book

$ 120 $ 60

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